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Uniforms are a great way to promote a companies image and brand.  The uniformity it projects creates a professional and dynamic image in the eyes of its clients , consumes, customers.  This being true the question that all managers and owners face is whether to buy or rent. 

While both on the face provide the same exact benefits. What is right for your business depends on the size of your budget, number of employees and duration of commitment.   

Renting : 

A rental program on a weekly exchange of shirts, pants, jackets where the renting company provides a preset number of clothing each week. picks them up at the end of the week for washing and replaces them with a second set. Buying :  A direct purchase of of shirts, pants, jackets etc., a one time buy and own forever or as long as they last.  

Renting is best if you are a large corporation, have a huge budget and know that you will be around for many years to come.  Rental contracts can be costly and are binding which in most cases are for 5 years.  Renting is more a laundry service and while expensive however is a great way to make sure employees are in clean clothes.   

There are advantages and disadvantages to both.  There are many companies such as Aramark, Cintas, Unifirst that are a great suppliers in the USA.  


A Direct Purchase simply is just that, you buy and own it outright.  It does not require a commitment or signing of a long term contract.  This gives you the flexibility to shop for quality and price from a variety of online and off line stores.  

Buying can be cost effective especially if you are a small business like the millions across America such as restaurants, auto repair shops, truck drivers, lawn care services, health clinics, heating-cooling, plumbing home service and or a farm outfit.   

Employees can set up a washer dryer in the facility or simply hold employees responsible for washing at home and come to work well dressed.  

There are great suppliers such as www.bluecollaroutlet.com , Dickies etc. that supply work clothes at great pricing and quality.  

Let us know your views on Buying or Renting.   







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