Safety in the food industry is the premier parameter and rightfully so. 

We only use FDA compliant paper and non-toxic food dyes to make our biodegradable paper straws food safe. 


Sturdy and durable so they won’t turn soggy or disintegrate in your drink.  They do not impact taste.  Suitable for use with all types of beverages and shakes.

 Quantity and Customer Service Promise: 

Buy a pack, buy a case, buy a truck load.. same great service.  



Products testing: 

Our products are tested by our quality audit team as well as third party.  They pass the appropriate FDA compliance requirements.

 What do we test for: 

Determination of chloroform-soluble extractives in according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation 21CFR 176.170 for paper and paper board.

Test Report

Test Result(s):
Test Sample Description

Material No.

Client Claimed Material 

Sample Description



White paper straw with blue printing

Test Results for Chloroform-soluble Extractives according to 21 CFR 176.170

Note: 1. “<” = less than;

Simulant used

Test Condition

Maximum permissible limit (mg/inch2)

Result(s) (mg/inch2)



Distilled Water 24 hours at 120°F 0.5 < 0.05 PASS
8% Ethanol (V/V) Aqueous Solution 24 hours at 120°F 0.5 0.1 PASS


Our production facility is certified by third party agency :


Bureau Veritas has certified that the facility has implemented a FSC product groups control system according to the Forest Stewardship Council certification system for its activities concerning “Manufacture of paper straws certified FSC 100%”


The facility has been assesses and found to conform to the requirements of the :

FSC Chain of Custody Certification standard, Ref.: FSC-STD-40-004 V3-0