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The Anatomy of a Great Shirt

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All shirts are not made equally.

Blue Collar has taken the basic shirts that are the staple of day to day use and improved them using better quality fabrics, improved sizing, functional sewing and features that we consider a necessity to create simply the most comfortable shirt.

While most of our shirts are designed for the hard working American, the element of casual comfort creates an ideal shirt to wear on your off days.

Our rugged good-looking denim shirt is a great example of a shirt that crosses over from work to casual weekender.

The Chambray work shirts are a great example of a work shirt that crosses over from work to a professional fully constructed shirt. As fashion aficionados call it semi dress shirt or semi formal.

Triple Needle Stitch

The concept of triple needle stitch came about due to the need for a sturdier sewn garment. Blue Collar brings to classic denim shirts with triple needle stitching in all the right places. Enhancing the wear and tear in addition to the look.

Buy Shirts for Men | Denim Shirts Online | Shirts | Blue Collar Outlet

Extended Arm with Hole Gussets

Combining the comfort of a heavy 8 oz denim with armhole gussets simply add to the easy of movement and comfort.

The movement of air creates a cooling effect that further enhances the comfort factor.

Pencil Pocket with Sunglass Loop

It has become a standard requirement to be able to carry a pencil, pen, a small screwdriver as a constant companion when working.

While we fashionably call it the Sunglass loop, many a hard working Americans have the basic need of carrying reading glasses may they need to read charts, write software, Cut a notch as a carpenter or simply read the daily papers.

Blue Collar brings you all these features at a very affordable price.

We all at Blue Collar thank you for your business.

Buy Shirts for Men | Denim Shirts Online | Shirts | Blue Collar Outlet
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